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Craft Services

Episode 77 · 8 months ago

UPDATE with...Guest Co-Host Sophia Alexis?


Parth and his very good friend Sophia Alexis give an update on what's happening with the podcast for the next few weeks. They also share who on the pod loves the listeners most... 

Edited by Parth Marathe

True Rend. Trent, Trent, we're WHO's there? Hello, wait a second, you know you're not Trent. Your your friend of the show, Sophia Alexis. Welcome back. Hi, part it's good to be here. Does this make this your fourth appearance on the Pod? I think there's a third. Third, is a third? Third? Okay, so now you're tied with Jackson Clark. Oh, we got a little competition going here. Yeah, the that being said, Jackson Clark came on as a discussion guest. Is that? No? Where to do today? Well, we're going to be doing something a little bit different. This is an update episode. How about this? How about we start out with the format that the show generally starts off with? So if he was the last thing, I know you, you're currently back at you ink, your old stomping grounds. So...

...if you go se TCNJ, everybody. Yeah, I'll tell you the address is. Hey, hey, hey, keep that to yourself. Oh No, I'm sorry, it just slipped out that your address was. But let's start off with what's the last thing you ate? They created by myself. That's true, and Trentl Garrett does his damn best to kill it, and yet it lives on. The last thing that I ate was pizza myself. What about you? Last I heard you're going to make some Raman. The he'll happened to that? I change my mind. Raman's too much work. MMM, I see. Well, I had a thing called could I paneer, which my mom has been saying she was going to make for like two weeks now, and then today I was like, do we know what we're doing for dinner and she was like no, and I said how about we have that, and she said okay. Was it up to the hype? Way, man, it's my mom. We don't insult my mother's cooking.

Or Yeah, I mean, I guess we've gotten that out of the way. Sophia, do you want to say cue the Intro, like, do you want to do the honors? I would love to Pard. Okay, you the intro. Wellcome back to craft services, where we talk about the movies. Each week we talked about a film and hopefully have a crew member of that film to talk with us about their experience working on the picture, but this week we're not doing any of that, are we par no, we are not. Sophia, thank you for that little in turther it's amazing how you had that memorized. Yeah, I've just listened to the podcast so many times, loyal listening. Yeah, no, that's really awesome. No, we are not. We are not interviewing anybody, we're not doing a discussion. In fact, we don't even have one half of the show that... normally here, trentel gare. He's off filming some senior thesis with someone I don't know. He's an asshole. Filling his shoes pretty well, though, wouldn't you say so? I would say you do. Thank you. It's it's and it's amazing how well you feel them, given the size disparity between the two of you. What we are here to do today is nothing. We are here to fill time because, folks, as we said in our previous episode, we are tired and, as such, we have decided to take a little hiatus, and so this episode is just coming out for you guys, the fans, so you know what's going on. Basically, what's happening is that we had a little scheduling issue where Trent and I were not going to be available at the same times long enough to be doing interviews and again we just needed the about three weeks is what we're saying it's going to be. We just wanted to release this episode because Trent is off filming...

...a little movie. I brought along. are very good friend. So fiel Lexis your best friend? Would you say yeah, no, I would say that. Yeah, I don't know. There's not much to say. Ay. All that, I guess that I have to say is we're coming back February six, that's the first Sunday of February, and we'll be back talking with the editor of the Matrix resurrections. We were really, really lucky to talk with Jet Sally. He was super, super cool, really nice to us, talk to us a day after the movie got released. That's probably the quickest early it's probably the quickest turnaround. Insider scooped. It really is. Really is Sophia Lexis, who lives in ewing at mark not this again. I'm excited for what's to come. We've got after Matrix resurrections, we're going to do our discussion, obviously, and then we have a month long...

...think planned. So if you you know about this? Am I wrong? No, I certainly know about this. To our guests about this. Our guests don't know about this. We're gonna we're going to be holding off on that until Matrix gets released. I think let's just say we're excited. We're excited about what's to come and we think it's going to be pretty epic. Well, I know I'm going to be missing my favorite podcast for the next couple weeks, but I am sure excited from the Matrix and what's coming out next. I don't know, guys, Sophia, is there anything you want to talk about? Doesn't have to pod related. Anything on your mind, not particular league. Yeah, it is going to be a solo thing. And then Trent did his solo episode and I was like, it's kind of cheating if my solo episode is only like ten minutes long and his was like an hour and a half. So look forward to a solo episode coming out this year by parth marate. We don't know what it's going to be. It's going to be pretty epic, though. Yeah, I guess we're done. It's few. Yeah, yeah, I'm good to go. I gotta go to bed. Yes, she does. It's and ten or three hours...

...past your bedtime, partying tonight on a pod. Yeah, she's going crazy. It's a Saturday night and we are both at our respective homes alone. Good night, good morning, whatever time it is you're listening to this, I guess Trent couldn't make it because he doesn't love you as much as I do, I guess, but Sophia loves you more. I love you most exactly. That's what I like to hear. Sophia close this out for us. Tell the people where they can listen to us and what they should do, like how they should rate us and whatever, so you can listen to us on all of your favorite streaming platforms. is include spotify, apple podcasts, wherever you like to listen. And it's really it's just those two. Well, those are obviously to your two favorites. Where else are you listening? You Gas, you don't be an asshole. Google podcast, fuck you. That even a thing? Yeah, now that's a real thing. Oh well, at least it was. I know that it exists. I don't know. Sofia, when they go to these podcasts and they can leave a..., what's that about? What they should what should they do? They should most certainly leave a review of five stars. MMM M. and should they, you know, come across team deacons their podcast? Should they choose US or team deacons? Just question, of course. Are you kidding? Did you just hear that past eleven minutes? That was great content. That's what I so I like to hear from you, Sophia. Yeah, there's really not much to say your guys. We made an episode to fill time, but we did it because we love you, guys and we know how much you are used to weekly episode, and boy did we get one for you. You know. What do you think is you're welcome for this. Yeah, no, bow down to me. I don't know. It's pretty cool. All Right, I guess I'm done, Sophia. You done. I'm going to go to bed. Okay, bye, boys, good night. Love you.

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