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Episode 105 · 4 months ago

JAWS 2 (1978) Discussion


Trent and Parth try to beat the heat, by staying indoors and talking about sharks... again. 

Edited by Trent Algayer

Good evening, ladies and gentle man. We are tonight's entertainment. Hold on our marriage. One, two, three, four, two, three, four, one, three. Now. Was I rushing or was I dragging work? Was He a dead body? I'M COM food. Get away from her, you bitch. What's in the box? Hold onto your butts. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. So, Trent, so part. Hello, we have a podcast. Nice to see you. Um, like I'm wondering on this fine Thursday morning as a recording, uh, what have you been eating most recently? Yeah, we can't guarantee that it's Thursday when people are listening to this. In fact, we we might as well actually guarantee that it will be Sunday. Well, I guess I don't know when someone's listening to it, but we will have uploaded it Sunday. Yeah, no, it's like it's like going to church. That's why we um really on Sundays. Um, the last thing I've eaten I had bacon, egg and cheese on an everything Bagel, salt pepper catchup, and then I had a green machine naked smoothie and Um, I got this in the ten minutes that I postponed our original planned start time of the pod because I could feel a headache slowly creeping on and if I didn't throw food and money at the problem and liquids, of course, it would have gotten worse. And this is a historical day for us, because have we ever done to recording? Not, not in this order. Um, we have an interview with guests. That I mean, it hasn't happened as a recording, but hopefully it's happening in an hour and a half. Um, with one of the one of our guests for our Halloween series, which we've done it once in the past. So I guess it's not too much of a spoiler to say what that's happening. Um. Yeah, but in October podcasts, movie podcast cover creeping movies. That's like the thing and where it work, movie podcast. Now we are indeed Um, and you'll find out who we're talking too soon enough. But it's a recent release. We can say that it's a recent release and I'd say this person played a very important role and we've never interviewed this exactly. This is the first of the role we're doing. But anyways, the point being, because of scheduling reasons, Trent and I have to record both a discussion and an interview in the Same Bay, which we have done. But we did an interview and then a discussion. I don't remember which episode, but I know that we did an interview and then a discussion. Was I know that. Oh wait, maybe maybe it was an interview and then an intro. Actually see if that makes more discussion, because after an interview we're we're pretty we're pretty disheveled, spent. Yeah, I see. Would you rather do interview than discussion or discussion than interview, because I'd rather be stressed and then relaxed, for right now I'm relaxed, preparing to be stressed and on the clock for our esteemed guests to join the call. I think I'd rather do a discussion than an interview, because nothing knocked the means. Well, the thing is, like I'm going to be so stressed, I get like so tie aired after an interview that I kind of don't want to talk to anybody for a while. Um, I don't know if stress is the right word, but like I met like a high operating level and then it's once there, it's like a crash afterwards. And so I prefer doing a discussion because it's like all right, we're doing whatever, and then it's like, oh, funk, we got a fucking interview. And to put things in reference on how not in the mood to chat part and I are after we chat for so long. It's that like, I'd say, at best case scenario, well, you'll text me like an hour after we stop an interview and you'll be like that that went well, and or you'll say, Um, that person talked too much or too little, but we need like an hour. We leave the call immediately. You don't want to see each other, and then we'll just uh, yeah, I'll get like one text about whether or not the episode went well. Yeah, but Trent, do you want to know...

...what I've been eating? I suppose. Yeah, sure, Um, I'm meeting one of these Kirkland soft and Chewy um visual reference and every granola bar. Yeah, the read. The listeners can't see, but I just showed. Okay, I just showed. I just showed Trent, but but can I see the Granola bar inside, because I only saw the outside? Oh, but can you like break it up in Amar for the people break it open? So I can like see the cross section. M Hm. So it seems like there's nuts and chocolate. Yeah, like every good granol as some mark for you guys. It's crazy. And the fine line in between a granola bar and a chocolate bar, you know, or word where the rubber meets the road, a part smack. I'm feeling refreshed, I'm feeling like I want to start a discussion. Yeah, and speaking of that, how about we just go ahead and start the discussion? Que the interview. Nope, you said que the interview, que the intro. There you go. Interviews on the mind. AH, yeah, POPPING UP BRA who? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, no, Trent, there's someone there. Trent, Trent, there's a really big fork, I think, near you. And wait, wait, Um, wait, now, now, look, now I'm in jail. So, for the people at home, I had a plastic fork on my desk and first I was moving it horizontally, very close to the Webcam, and it kind of looked like a fin, like barely, but then I put it vertically and it looks like I'm in jail. Um, welcome back to craft services, where we talk about the movies. Each week we talk about a film and hopefully I remember of that film, to talk with us about their experience working on the picture this week and last week and for the next two weeks. That's not what we're doing. It's anything. No, Um, last week my mom was on the show, which is when you know that things are getting sporadic and weird. Post episode one hundred, anything can happen, like my deceased grandparents might come on that we're gonna get a Wigi board and summon them from beyond the grave for Oh, dude, harmonth armonth, harmonth trends parents. Um, but it's jaw summer, baby, new shark, new problems. Chief Brody must say the same brody. Oh wait, yeah, Um, new shark, new problem, same brody must save his family. That was awesome. That's great. Um, and what's what's your how would you say? The Internet would would would would rephrase that? I think the Internet would say police chief Brody must protect the citizens of amity after a second monstrous shark begins terrorizing the waters. No part. Before we get too far, do you think? What do you think is the relationship between the shark from jaws one and the shark from jaws too, isn't there a thing that like? People think that it's the sun. Am I crazy? No, I think that's the natural inta think. I mean it's another ridiculously big shark, another another big great white sharks. So it's the same kind, but this one's burned and so maybe that's a different type of shark entirely. But I'm sure as we continue to go through the franchise, I'm not sure if they'll ever, if the characters well, ever theorized, like why do big sharks keep coming here where they have in jaws, in jaws four? Uh, never seen the film, but all I know is that the shark follow wait, Oh, it is Michael Caine. I was unsure if he was in three D or four or four, but the shark from follows chief Brodie's wife from Massachusetts, where there's cold water, to the Bahamas, where there's warm water, where sharks don't go, and then he attacks the banana boat there. That's in. Yeah, Um, but in the meantime, do you want to know the budget? Box Office? I'd love to. So the budget was thirty million dollar, which apparently is three times as much as the original.

...and Um, I read in some Trivia section that said that the production was cost them eighty thousand dollars a day and that they just didn't tell the studio with the final budget was going to because they would say no. But thirty millions is like adorable in current money. Yeah, although I'm sure with inflation that's quite a bit more, I'm sure. And the box office is two eight million, which I would I would imagine is lower than half what the original made. But they said that this was the highest grossing sequel until a year later when it was replaced by rocky too. But what I kind of don't understand is like, oh no, maybe I do understand it, because I was gonna say, how do you go see jaws in the theater and then you don't see jaws too in the theater three years later, because imagine the anticipation. But my mom, someone who saw it fifteen times, never went and saw jaws too. She's never seen it in her life and she's never seen any of the sequels. Right, no, no, but I was gonna say, just like I'm sure it's like top gun, where a lot of the box office was from returning people, because my mom's fifteen times. Imagine what other people did, and that was also when movies kind of played in theaters longer and weren't released, uh, you know, on Blu Ray or digital early. Um. But I guess also jaws is like different from like a star wars or something, where with Star Wars you could see what a sequel could be or that there could be a sequel, whereas with jaws it feels like kind of like an isolated incident of like how many times can a shark possibly attack an island? And it seems it can happen four times. And do you want to just jump right now? I guess I'll just jump right in. So universal wanted a sequel to jaws early onto the success of the original film, and in October Stevens Ahlberg told the San Francisco Film Festival that, quote, making a sequel to anything is just to keep cheap carney trick, which you made the lost world. Yeah, I mean it's like three, Um, Indiana Jones sequels. So yeah, both of those things are true. It seems like jaws too, was a contract thing and Roy Scheider was brought back into this for maybe for contract reasons also. We'll get into that. Yeah, Um, but he said that he didn't even respond to producers when they asked him to direct jaws too, because him and pace were busy with close encounters. Yeah, yeah, we'll get it, we'll get into that, but that that kind of happens later. Um. So he claims that the planned plot was to involve the sons of Quintin brody hunting a new shark, which sounds dumb. But like, if they didn't get Roy Scheider, I can't imagine what else they would do. If they have none of the original cast. They have to do even more of a time jump, and I guess they already did, or just like just do different characters, I guess. And because there are because there are sharks all over the place, but it's weird to have big sharks keep attacking our same cast casting crew. So, despite Spielberg rejecting directing the film, the studio went ahead with plans to make the sequel, and this led an arduous eighteen month pre production process. So Howard Sackler, who was an uncredited writer on the first film, was hired to write the first draft of the sequel, and he originally proposed a prequel based on the sinking of the USS Indianapolis the story related by quint in the first film. Universal President, Sidney Sheinberg thought the idea was interesting but ultimately rejected it. So that's what was that what you were going to say? Yep, I mean, I think that makes for a different movie. Like obviously, Um. So, on Sackler's recommendation, the theater director John D and Cock was chosen to help the movie. Roy Scheider reluctantly agreed to return for the sequel as he had just dropped out of the deer hunter two weeks before it was planned to start shooting. He also had a three picture deal with universal and they agreed to let him out of that if he agreed to start in jaws too. Do Movie Stars still have like three picture deals or beyond with company? So far as I understand, no, not really. That sounds like that sounds like a relic of like the nineties, like directors do, because they set up shop at certain studios and stuff. But from my understanding it's like Tom Cruise isn't really you know, he's not attached to a studio. Um, although marvel kind of attaches actors to characters. So I don't know how different that is, Um, because that's not like any random film. They're kind of attached... play a specific character. So I wonder if that's different. Um, but Tom Cruise is like a shark, like he has to keep swimming and if he rests like he does. Yeah, yeah, Hancock started filming in June seven, but after a month of filming, universal disliked the dark and subtle tone he was going for and fired Hancock as they wanted a more bright and adventurous film. Production was shut down for a few weeks and Spielberg considered coming back to direct the sequel, but was tied up directing close encounters of the third kind, which is also why Richard Dreyfuss doesn't appear in this film, and he didn't want to do it if Steven Spielberg wasn't directing. Have you ever seen like an interview or something with Richard Dreyfuss? It doesn't he have a persona of like being really mean. He's interesting. He only could. Stand by me is one of my favorite movies, but I heard him saying in an interview that he said, if you told me I did the voiceover in stand by me, I'd say yeah, I remember that. If you told me I appeared in the film. I'd say I don't think that's correct, but he appears in the film for several scenes. Interesting. Yeah, truly. Um, wow, that was such a Jackson thing for you to say. anyways, just like truly, he always says that. anyways. So ultimately, director Janeau swark was hired to direct. I don't know if that's how you say his name. I Apologize, Ryer. Writer Carl Gottlieb rewrote the script and out of the character of Deputy Hendricks, who was missing from the script originally. Um, that's that's what the script was missing, Deputy Hendricks. Yeah, that that's the Cherry on top. So the sharks built for jaws, two were known as Bruce too, but on set were referred to as Fidel and Harold. Um, his wark. I don't know how say his name. That's just a Bush of letters at the end of the alphabet. Thrown together. There's one vowel and a lot of continents. Um, I felt that they anyways, he felt that they should show the shark as much as possible because the dramatic reveal of the shark and the first film could never be replicated, which, like, I get, but that's an interesting I don't know, I mean we'll get to this. And Yeah, and I read the same thing you did about how the first shark had the hand that Um Alfred hitgecock quality of like postponing the monster. But within the first like sixty seconds of the movie you see the shark and you're like, okay, we're abandoning what worked best for the last film. And like I understand him saying that it did it so well that I now have to sidestep that, but it it took so much from the original movie and it's like why not take one of one of one of the best lessons we learned? I also think that, like, while I understand it's like, well, we have to go a different direction, there's still ways to tastefully not show the shark in a way that's different from the first film anyways. So the filmmakers gave the new shark a more menacing look by scarring it in the early boat explosion. Um, like the first film, shooting on water proved challenging. Shuider said they were, quote, always contending with tides, surf and winds, jellyfish, sharks, water spouts and hurricane warnings. After spending hours anchoring the sailboats. The wind would change as they were ready to shoot, blowing the sails in the wrong direction. Saltwater's corrosive effect damage some equipment, including the metal parts and the sharks. The film was shot at Martha's vineyard as well as Navarre Beach Florida. The shoot was contentious, with Roy Scheider constantly fighting with the director, but schider was paid four times the amount he was paid for the first film, along with points on the on the sequel. I all so read that Shider had like written or said in an interview like, very unfavorably about the directors, saying that he was like intentionally screwing over the movie and that he wouldn't ever listen to Shiter's concerns. And then the director wrote a letter back saying you're being ridiculous. Fuck you, essentially in a nice way. anyways, John Williams returned to score the film and the film was released June and open to mixed reviews. The film was nonetheless financially successful, though not as successful as the first film. Oh part. Do you want some fun facts? So on the brodies front porch is a flower planter painted bright yellow and it is one of the barrels from the first jaws. Um. How did they get the barrels from the first film? I have no idea. I don't mean the production, I mean within the Diet, within the within the film. Yes, and would he...

...want such a painful reminder? Um, for the first like hour of the film, I was they kept talking like Oh, is it a shark, and I just wanted for chief broady to be like, guys, I just did this it trust me, it's a shark. But we kind of got that moment where he's like, I will not go through this hell again. Martin, this is kind of an official meeting. Good, I'm glad you're all here. I've got something to show you. Look at this Bogan. He just developed came out of the camera missing dives. See we I don't know. What is it? It sounder water, isn't it? That's why it's so dark. Nothing I can change. What are you talking about? Look at this. That's a shark. Look at the outline, look at the mouth, the eyes. Is that what it is? Sorry, I just don't see it. Neither do I. It's nothing, Martin. It could be anything. Wait a minute, are you people telling me. I don't know what a shark looks like. Brody, this is nothing. Seaweed, mud, something in the Lens, Lens my ass, you damn right at your ass. Now, be reasonable, please, reasonable with him. God Damn it. Will you listening to the man? Will you just listen to him? Be reasonable. Look, brody, you started a panic on a public beach. You shot up the damn place. God knows who you could have injured. And what if somebody designs to sue US? Did you ever stop to think about that? It could ruin us. You don't have to worry about being sued or being ruined if this turns out to be what I think it is, because there won't be anybody here. Now, Martin, let's not, let's not. What Larry? What Jesus Larry? Come on, let's just forget it. He won't listen. It's Tobby, it's the man who's made up his mind. You Bet your life. I've made up my mind, but I'm telling you, and I'm telling everybody at this table, that's a shark, and I know what a shark looks like because I've seen one up close, and you better do something about this one, because I don't intend to go through that hell again, but I like that so many scenes had to be shot in the fall and winter months and, as such, the actors had to suck ice cubes prior to takes to avoid having their breath scene on camera. Um, the first Hollywood sequel to actually use the number two in its title, as opposed to Roman numerals, as we alluded to earlier. Isn't that crazy? So many years of movies and no one thought the slap of the number two on the second one. Yeah, UM, okay. So the film was originally going to be rated are if the body count wasn't decreased. I wonder how many more people I mean, as we talked about the last episode, five people die in the first one and it's rated PG. How many people do you think die in this one? I have no idea. I guarantee it's less than ten. Yeah, definitely. I'd like compare that to well, I guess now we have PG thirteen. Never mind. We could watch one of the stupid kill count videos if they weren't so painful to you know. You know, those the only and so those I like her for the John Wick movies. Yeah, or there's another type of those video where it like says like how much damage like the avengers do, when those are funny. Yeah, Um, Oh, wait, this is off topic, but I saw the funniest video last night, but like it's it's movie related. It's movie related. So it's the joker. It's the scene in joker we're wikis Phoenix Kills Murray Franklin and it was re the sound was redone and goofy's voice was installed for the joker and Winnie the POO's voice from Murray Franklin. And maybe we can put the link in the show notes because, well, you're editing this episode. So knock, knock, who's there? It's the police, ma'am, your son's been hit by a drunk driver. He's dead. No, no, no, you can't joke about that. That's no funny, goofy. That's not the kind of human we do on this show. Okay, I'm I'm sorry, it's just you know, it's been a rough few weeks, when any ever since I killed those three Wall Street guys. Okay, I'm waiting for the punchline. There is no punch line. It's not a joke. Mm Hmmm, HMM, you're serious. Aren't you? You're telling us you killed those three men on the subway, and why should we believe you? Got Nothing left to lose. northing can hurt me anymore. I'm alive. Nothing...

...but a comedy. Let me get this straight. You think killing those guys is funny, a new and I'm diret or pretending it's not. Comedy is subjective whinnyhive. That what they say all of you, the system that knows so much. You decide what's right or wrong the same way you decide what's funny or not. Okay, I think, think, think I might understand that you did this to start a movement, to become a symbol. Come on, when, Ay, do I look like the kind of Goof they could start a movement? I killed those guys because they were off. Everybody is awful these days. It's enough to make anyone crazy. Okay, so that's it. You're crazy. That's your defense for killing three young men. They couldn't carry a tune to save their lives. George, why is everybody so upset about these guys? If it was me, Dian, on the sidewalk, you'd walk right over me. I'm past you every day and you don't notice me, but these guys because Thomas Wayne went and cried about them on TV. You have a problem with Thomas Wayne too, yes, I do have. You've seen what it's like out there. When a do you ever actually leave the studio? Everybody just yells and screams at each other. Nobody's civil anymore. Nobody thinks what it's like to be the other guy. You think men like Thomas Wayne ever think what it's like to be someone like me, to be somebody but themselves? They don't. They think that will just sit there and take it like good little boys, but we won't wear wolf and go wild. finished. I mean there's so it's self. Pity, goofy. You don't like you're making excuses for killing those young men. Not Everybody, and don't tell you this, not everyone is awful. You're awful, Whinnie me, I'm awful. How am I awful? Playing my video invited me on the show. You just wanted to make fun of me. You're just like the rest of them. You don't know the first thing about me, pal. Look at what happened because of what you did, what it led to. There were riots out there to police. You are a critical condition in your laughing. You're laughing. Someone was killed today because of what you did. I know. How about another joke? I think we've had enough of your jokes. I don't think you cross for your owner with the society that had abandon sempantrate some at least tell you what you can't you'll get what you can deserve. We just in sort of clip. Yeah, Youtube. MP Three is magical. Okay. So, Um, this is the only jaws movie which does not begin with the sharks P O v Um, like the other three movies, though, this film still begins underwater and it's like the scuba scene. Um Mark Gilpin, who played Sean Brody, claims that they were shooting one of the scenes on a makeshift rapt raft of wrecked yachts. Well, I think they mean the wrecked sailboats, because those aren't yachts. Um, they were being circled by a real hammerhead shark and the actors were scared him again, screaming Holler at the production crew, which was filming that particular scene from a distance, and the crew is oblivious to the danger and assume the actors are simply in character and gave them a thumbs up. I feel like why you need a safe word while on production? Yeah, I feel like that exact fun a version of that fun fact of like we were preparing for this scene and then in which our characters are in danger and then real danger arose and then they didn't and then the production crew didn't know. I feel like that comes up. I don't know if that's just Hollywood legend or if that's just like the irony of working on movies. I have another side that's a off topic, but part it's jaws too. There's there's not, there's not much to talk about. Um. Yeah, I can't wait for daws three D um and jaws the revenge. Um. But I don't know if the listeners know this, but I'm kind of a celebrity now. I do research for a friend of the show, I at the Duck Um, and I don't want to spoil any of the production history of their movie, but for mission impossible rogue nation, Um, Tom Cruise had a m stunt where he hangs off the side of an airplane and Um, they were trying to figure out, like how are we going to fig you're out if he's actually like dangerous? Like what and Tom Cruise was...

...on the side of the airplane. The plane was starting and Chris mcquary came to the side and was really loud and was like what do I do? And Tom Cruise said, if I'm if I look like I'm scared, I'm acting, don't cut and did the stunt eight times. anyways, if, if I, if I look like I'm scared, because he's not scared. Yeah, he's saying like, whatever you do, do not cut the movie. Do not cut the they just they just need to like he should just say pineapple or something like, you know, but he he didn't want it because he was like we need to keep shooting no matter what. Well, he's in the sane person. He did it eight times. Yeah, anyways, I want to continue. Sure, Um, the movie's Tagline, a quote just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, has become one of the most famous and popular taglines in motion picture history. Is that true? I've never heard that. I've heard that and I feel like that freezing is like I don't know if it like I don't know if it can claim that because, like, what's the catch phrase or the line for jaws? Want Oh, it's you'll never go in the water again. That's pretty I feel like that. That's better. Yeah, okay. Well, Um, so the name of the small rocky island and an electrical relay station within the film was called Cable Junction, and this was actually a set that caused numerous problems during filming. The island was made from plastic and fiberglass materials and was set on two barges. The surface of it was so slippery and difficult to traverse and actors couldn't even grab hold of it. This results in numerous retakes having to be shot, with actors slipping and falling off constantly. Due to it not being anchored properly, it once drifted away into the ocean and the production had to go and tug it back in. I think it's one one star review time. Don't you agree? Yes, there are. There are four of them, so we both get to today. Wow, yeah, which one would you like? There's only three here. Oh wait, no, never mind. Yeah, Um. So, okay. So I added Um three of these, but the first one is from James Pasquarella, which says language and then says no need for profanity, and when I put this in, I was like, is Amazon fucking up the reviews, because I'm pretty sure something like this we did for our jaws one discussion and I looked back and no, James Pascuarella did a different, separate interview or separate review for jaws one and just two, both of them calling out the profanity in the film. Is he just copy and pasting? No need for no profanity. No, it's a different line. It's like the profanity was excessive or something like. It's like something like that. so He's individually typing. It's even it's even creepier that it's not like a robot James Pascuarolla going around typing the same thing. It means there's someone who's behind those eyes. You know? Do you know? Do you know? The video on Youtube and it's little keys like no more cusswords video, alright, yeah, no, that that will now be vie and dangerous. No more saying cusswords. It is not good putting a video on youtube about no more saying cusswords. No more saying cusswords, guys, it's inappropriate and violent. If you say a custword, then you're like going to j Ale and you're like when you go to jail. When you go to jail. If you say if you say cussword, you go to jail and when you go to jail you said a cussword, then you're only gonna eat Broccoli and other vegetables for your whole life. You don't want to eat vegetables. Sometimes people like eating sweets, but at eat Broccoli. So I'm okay, Brackley, but I do not want to go to jail. You cannot go to jail. And saying cuss words is illegal. They are now going to make a law about that. It is illegal. It's just inappropriate. It is really violent. I better warn my school about that. Wait, what if that's James Past if he's that kid? Oh, that that will make sense all grown up. Okay, so the next one is by Joseph Blackwell, which I don't know.

That sounds like a faker name, but maybe his thoughts are more genuine. And says watch what you're doing. Huh, watch what you're doing, make a mistake, you're screwed. But there's no punctuation or anything. Is that? Is he talking about the characters in the film or no, he I mean read the rest of the review. Oh, it says I did not buy or rent it. Something screwed up. I didn't watch it, and then there's a comma at the end of the sentence where a period should be. I did not hit her. It's not true, it's bullshit. I did not hit her. I did not. Oh, Hi mark. Yeah, so I assumed that his title is in reference to that. People should watch whether they're renting the film or not. I guess. How do you how this happen? I never understand. I don't understand how people accidentally rent movies so much. I've never once accidentally rented something. The only situation which I think that that's allowed is if you have a child and day like you know otherwise, because otherwise you have to like stupid. You have to like search up the movie and hit like several, like big prominent buttons that take you to a later stage. Amazon probably makes it easy because they have like one push buying or they have your credit card information saved or whatever. But still you have to hit like a bunch of big blue buttons in a row, and first you have to search up jaws too, which is your initial problem. Alright, so this is from Paladin and it says root for the shark to devour the teeny's Jesus, no DREYFUSS, no shaw, no sale. That should be the tagline. That's that. That would be one of the most famous picture taglines. Is this like his? It's like his name is Aladdin, but but he's our pal, so he's Paladin. No, alright. So this last one is by Maryland Nissm, and it's titled One Star and it said got BLU ray instead. Yuck. What do you mean? I'm not sure if it means like I got the blue ray to like maybe bring up the quality of this film, but it turned out to be bad even in high deaf or if something was wrong with the Blue Ray. Also, BLU RAY IS SPELLED B L U E space ray. So she doesn't know how blue ray spelled. No, and I don't think she knows how Yuck is spelled, because she spelled it with the K. and why, you K and no, see, yeah, maybe she's like Yucky, Yuck, Yuck, like she's like laughing, you know. Yeah, Oh, like goofy. Yeah, it really all ties back together. Um, I feel like. So we're we're in the what's working and what's not working section now. Yes, we are we are. Um, I feel like these jaws discussions are going to become more in hint. It's gonna be an exponential decline. And I mean I move in back to college on Monday, and so that means that, for again, we're hyping this up. Jaws, the revenge. We're going to be drinking. Yes, how much, however much the movie causes us to drink. It's not what the listeners deserve, but it is what they need right now. M Hm, and part of senior beer for you. This is the only way we can start it out. Yeah, Um, I think I do. You think that we should establish like a drinking game for the movie and it's like we watched the movie and get drunk while watching it and then we uh and and then we record in the aftermath of that, or that we have a drinking game on the pod. We're like, every time we mentioned something or every second, thinking we should drink. I think we should pregame a little bit it. I don't think we should see the movie right or maybe we should see the movie or before. I'm not sure, but well, we should do something drink before, and then we should have you know how like, Um, some podcasts will have like a Bingo card of things that they always say. I feel like we should make one of those and if we land on one, then we have to take a shot or like take a sip of whatever we have, you know. Alright, so jaws too, the sequel two, one of the great perfect. Yeah, I wasn't last week. The first every way, ten out of ten. I don't even know if the two of us have ever agreed on a ten out of ten. Or maybe the dark, dark night. Yeah, wow, did we have some? No, it was just you and me for the dark night, right. Yeah, Um, what's working? Well, I texted Trent like half an hour into the movie and I was like this isn't terrible, which I...

...don't think it's terrible, Um, and Trent was like, I haven't started the movie yet. Yeah, here, just because I like it when we read our text verbatim. Uh. You asked if we could record at the time that we're currently recording and I said I suppose that works, and then you liked the message and he said great, and they said jaw us two isn't terrible and I said about to watch and then you said it's not like crazy, great or something, but it's perfectly fine. And then you said I can't wait for the Michael Caine one, and then I said all the new characters in this film are and I accidentally typed in the likable, and then I asked risk and I said unlikable, and then you said at first I thought you were saying likable, and I was gobsmacked, and then I and then I and then I went to bed, because where to begin? But these teen characters aren't likable. No, I mean none of the I guess the biggest problem with the movi movies. You spend most of the movie with these new characters and I don't care for any of them. They're all annoying to me. Can I make a complaint? Or I don't even know if I'm in the right to complain yet, but let me just say some words and you let me know if I'm wrong or not. This will be a trend's confused party explains. So I don't think I can be an expo witness. Okay, so the first film is in nineteen and then three years passed and now it's are you gonna ask about his son? I'M gonna ask about his son's being. I don't understand it either. I was wondering that too, and I was like, am I stupid? Did I miss something? And I don't think I did. I think the movie just is stupid and there's not like a title card that's like ten years later, because it's not, because all the adult characters are exactly the same and in the exact same positions that they're in. And I think the chief said he was like Oh, after four I get after he gets fired from his job. He's like, Oh, after four summers at this place or at some point in jaws to someone says something, this is your fourth summer, and so they're like they're not even acknowledged. They're not even just like skipping over the time jump, they're only are mentioning it. They're mentioning it, but the sun is seventeen now and he definitely wasn't fourteen in the last one, which is how old he would need to be to be this old now. That was like the first question that jumped out at me and I was like, did I miss a son in the original jaws, like, was there another character that I just completely forgot was in it? And I don't think there is. I think the movie is just stupid and I wonder if, because the movie was in such a like fucked production schedule, like that was something that slipped by, or if they were like, we want the story to have like the younger son and the older sibling and so sucket. I think it was definitely motivated by that and they were just hoping we wouldn't notice or that we wouldn't care. But like that's so stupid. Like that's so dumb and actually it would make I think it would be more interesting if there was a bigger time gap, like if there was like because I think, I guess to move a little bit into what's working for me. The thing that I do like about this movie is I enjoy having Brodie's like, I guess, PTSD from the first film. I think that him kind of going crazy in this movie is an interesting thing and I think Roy Scheider brings a lot to the role and I think that that would have been better served by more time between films, because that would mean that, you know, there's more. It would be more ridiculous for him to be going so crazy about sharks, you know. Do you know what I mean? Like I feel like there there would be like Oh, like why are you getting so stressed out? This is just one crazy thing that happened ten years ago, and that would make more sense for everybody to be like stopped being so crazy. But if this just happened, I feel like he has every free believe well, and and he has every reason to be afraid and the like. I know that the mayor was an asshole in the first one, but for them and the entire city council to be like your seriously, there's a shark, not what like it just happened. They just contracted these three men to go and I don't know if I don't know if you saw, but Martin Brody one man of the year on Amity Island in and so he's getting recognition and the opening scene there like, can you hear those church bells? Yeah, maybe just wait for a second. It's like the scene in spider man three. Wait, I'm Eddie Brock, Parker, Parker, Parker, do you we don't... enough about how Eddie Brock gets so mad. He gets so mad that Peter Parker stole his girlfriend that he goes to God and asked for him to kill Peter Parker. Hey, hey, and he got him fired for something that he did wrong. I forgot about that anyways. Oh, you want to know that? I had like seen this movie like BITs and pieces on TV throughout the years, and the only thing that shocked me or that I didn't remember at all was the scene where he's up on the shark tower and then he like sees what he thinks is a shark and then he rings the Bell and then he runs down with the gun and everyone's screaming and then he shoots a bunch of times. I was like, I love seeing him go crazy, like you met. I agree, and it seems like him going crazy off like like as an actor also may have motivated that, or not motivated it, but maybe he chan old some of that. Definitely, because he looks like he's losing his mind. The movie is at its best when it's with him, and I don't know, I mean I give credit to Roy Schuder, but I think it's genuinely good when it's with him. And then it's been but it spends all this time with these kids that are so fucking annoying. Well, and it's yes, it's that, but also, like what's so great about the third act from the beginning is like you're stuck on the boat with them and like there's no one to cut away too. But now you're cutting away between Roy Scheider and his police boat and you're cutting between his wife on land and the teens who are just on another boat. And so you can cross fade all you want, but like just you're losing the CLAUSTROPHOBIA isolation. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and I think that I don't know, I just think that it doesn't really add up to anything all that interesting because it brings up all the interesting scenes. Are Him dealing with his trauma from the first movie and then, I don't really know what this movie says about like he solves the problem again, you know, like I feel like the better, like I feel like in some way you needed more of a resolution between him and his family, because it's clearly showing that, like this is real, like it shows that it causes a rift in the first film, but this really is causing a rift. In this film. It's causing a rift as in his children are sneaking out to go sailing and he will went on a sale and there's, I think, more scenes of his wife being like stop. Did you know that Lorraine Gray, who plays Ellen Brody. It's just the real world life of like some producer and like some producer involved in the film and he was just like hey, throw my wife in the movie and it's so funny that she is like the through line of the franchise. Is She really? I mean she's not in Jaws Three D. The Jaws Three D. I've never seen it, but I'm pretty sure it's stars the brody kids working or I think it's just Michael working at sea world or some sea world equivalent. And then the fourth one is her in the Bahamas. But with with the sharks it's personal. They have a vendett against the brody clan. Even after Roy Scheider's contract is up. They do indeed. I mean I think she's a good actress, like like are good for what's necessary for the film. No, I know, I like her too. That's the funny thing. Um, I mentioned we need more like normal look. I mean maybe this is like mean, but like we need more normal looking people in movies, like people with like or just like faces, just like women over the age of forty five, like playing women over the age. Is She forty five? No, no, I'm just saying, like at is uh trying. has anyone ever told you you're a feminist king? No, that this is the first time. Well, I'm not buying you one either. I was just wondering. Oh, but both in jaws and Jurassic World Dominion, it seems like uh, Steven Spielberg is putting middle aged people in a position to have really, really sexy romances on screen. Um, I don't know. I just is there much to even say about this movie? Like it's like, this might sound stupid, but like every time I see the shark, or like the Shark Fin, and also, I don't think you said this in the production history, but it doesn't have a tail fin. Oh, yes, yes, I had put that in the production. Well, like it has fun, but then I took it out. It has a tail fin in the first one, but for whatever reason this shark robot has no tail fin and whenever I see it's Dorsal fin pop out, I think this looks like the ride at...

Universal Studios and it's like not, I it's like I'm not watching a movie, it's like I'm riding a bad ride. Um, and just the way the way that the shark rises, it like a REX, its body out of the water like so gradually, in such an unnatural way, and I'm like, you're showing too much of the shark that it's clear at the robot and like, I know it's a robot, but I'd like to suspend my disbelief and you're not letting me. Yeah, I will say there is the one kill that I quite enjoyed is when the two the couple, the guy's going to lay down the blanket and then, Um, he gets knocked out of the boat. I really liked it when he gets stuck onto the shark and it goes zooming towards the boat and he hits it. What's happening there? Is he standing on the nose of the Shark? I have no idea. I think he's not actively being bitten. He it's like he's writing like a bull like I thought like Oh, like, as he was going through, I was like, Oh my God, is the shark like hurling him to kill him with an impact? And then he hangs onto the boat and then it takes him down again and I was like this is cool. So I like that, but other than that there's no and I guess the explosion and the end. It's not explosion, but he gets like fucked the most famous last line to a movie. Say, AH, isn't that? There are so many moments in this movie where they're like, okay, we need to take something that. I mean, it didn't have time to become like classic yet, but we need to take the most famous lines from the first one and just like rephrase it a little. And they took smiley son of a bitch and they thought, say, AH, it's it's like that. Copy my homework, but don't make it like, you know what I mean. Yeah, but don't don't make it obvious. Um, yeah, I don't know. Um, when the woman is getting attacked, like after the water ski like right before she explodes, she grabs the kerostene things, she's like, and then she covers herself entirely with gasoline and then she's like, Oh, I'm gonna shoot the shark with a flare gun, and then it's very obvious what happens next. But I really think they did that because they're like, we can't just have the shark look like another big shark. How do we make it look different somehow? And they're like burn it early in the film for no reason. Yeah, I mean it seems like, from what I understand, this is the best of the jaw sequels. Um. I saw a lot of people defending it, saying that it has um too bad of a reputation for being as above average as it is. Like I don't think it's like terrible. I mean I think that like there's no at the very least there's no point of it. That looks cheap um like. It doesn't look like Shitty, and I believe that it one of the things that I pointed out in our jaws discussion was that because they shot on the water, it looks like it still looks good, and I still feel that way about this film. So I guess that's something to commend. And the Trivia. It said that, you know, there's like a shot where it's like actually like it's like above the shark, but you're seeing the shark like above the water, like yes, I know what you mean. So it said for those shots that the cameraman put like a saddle on the back of the robot shark and like rode in like a horse, but that was it's it's like the shot in, it's like the shot in the Batman, like stuff like that. I thought it was really interesting. But, Um, what what I just one thought I had during the film is like you never really see the sharks P O v in an interesting way where you're like seeing legs swimming or like. You're never like below, I don't know, and you keep seeing aerial shots of like the sailboats from above and it's like playing suspenseful music like that, like that was gonna the score is not as good. I'm sorry to say, Mr Williams, but it feels like you phoned this one in a little bit. Yeah, yeah, I don't blame it. One of the best part about jaws too, let's hear it, the poster. The poster is good, and I just looked up the poster of Jaws Three d that one is like maybe even cooler. And then the jaws the revenge poster is sadly and if you're listening on spotify, it's our cover... for the episode. So yeah, Um, but do you think it's time we started entering the ratings gauntlet? I yeah, I guess. I guess. So jaws too weird movie, like like a movie that I think starts out okay in the middle is really boring for me. I mean the boring. The ending is. The middle is really boring for me, Um, and then the end is like okay, do you remember during our spider man to discussion where I said, I guess you've never seen jaws too at the time and I said this movie with do cock ending, pulling up the wire or, excuse me, Peter, pulling up the wired shock dot com, is exactly the ending of jaws too, and you just you just not wanted at me. But aren't I kind of correct? Yeah, you're right, seeing after all this time it comes clear. Yeah, well, Oh my God, Trent, Oh no, I'm I'm burning less. Good, it's Bob. You can have a penny. Go to fourth to July. It's a it's a one of my favorite you made a promise to that's just coody. S Um. One of my favorite things is to like not tell you what I'm doing and then you realize that I'm starting the stomic bomb and there's this look of like like pure joy in yours. It's one of the best parts of the show. Um, you want to go first? Should I go first? What do you want to do? I'm like, I'm this movie just like leaves me Flaber gasid and like sweating and confused, but also it's just the summertime, so you go first and buy me sometime. Um, like, I guess I'd recommend it if you like jaws and like there's some good stuff with Roy Scheider. So, like, I don't think it's like, like it's not not worth watching on the side as you do other things, I think, and to pay attention whenever Roy Scheider comes on screen. Um, I don't see myself rewatching this. I think I would rate it like a five out of ten. It isn't the best part about sequels when a minor character says that one of the main characters from the past installment called, but you don't actually get to hear the conversation. It's so funny. And so she's like Matt Hoopa from the Oceanic Institute. He's on the Aurora looking for Jacks, but he can't talk to you now because he doesn't want to be in this movie. But we can say his name because we own the rights to the character, but you can't own Richard Dreyfuss Um. I think if you are like drunk or high Um, that you could really enjoy all the parts of the movie where the shark attacks someone but like, I don't know, it just the shark looks terrible and like the shark. And the weird part is the robot shark looks exactly the same in the first one and they just showed it so much more sparingly. And that Um just was so much more effective given the resources at the time. And I understood. I understand thinking that you need to sidestep what the first movie did so well, otherwise you'll just be accused of copying it. But like so much of this movie is copying the thing, treading old ground, like like even like specific beats. It's just doing itself again, but like pivoted in a new direction. That like why my stuff now um, so, recommending it or not? Fa but like this. Okay, here's an interesting thought.

Do you think we're gonna start to enjoy the jaws movies more over the next two because they're gonna like get way worse? And this is gonna say that our jaws for discussion is going to be my favorite, and not just because we'll be drunk, but like I think that that will be. But maybe by that point the movies will just know that they're absurd and then we'll all just be able to laugh. But there's trading in in the three d one if there's any like. You know how in like the early two thousands, when three D was like it's three D, You can there's in so many early two thousand movies. They're like I dropped my pencil and it's like this insane shot where the pencils like coming directly at the camera. I wonder if there's any shots like that in jaws three I had um shark boy and lava girl on DVC. Robert Rodriguez was a frequent offender of this and in the case there was dvd glasses and you could switch the DVD into dvor into in three d mode, and then you could see uh, like really Um, you have you know, Um, but how three D is this gonna be? Because obviously that's what I wonder. Obviously we can't watch it in three D. I feel like it's just like the shark is what they put in Three D. I don't know if it's gonna be household objects, but I um, I feel like it's just just gonna be like uh Um, like it's just gonna look like an animated shark. Yeah, can I make one more common about draws too? Go ahead. They cut together real shark footage and robot shark footage, obviously, like they do in the first one, but spatially. It's absolutely in Calm Ruis and Um, just I don't know, decisions were made. Um, I think if you like the first one you can watch this one as a joke, but just know it's worse. Um, but still like entertaining and interesting for some reasons. Oh, isn't this movie like a little bit too Horny for some reason? Um, sure you don't think so? I mean, I know. Well, actually, yes, actually, because I remember. I remember there's several scenes of like teenagers like and they're like, you know what I mean, like they're like giggling and like like we're gonna have sex. Um, no, teenagers are allowed to kiss each other and stuff. But just in the beginning scene, at like the ceremony, Verus Schneider whistles at the teenager named Tina and I'm like, Weird, does that happen? I don't remember that and it's kind of it's kind of jokingly, but they announced her and he's like Um, and then his wife's like Oh stop. Yeah, no, like whistling at teenagers as an adult man is awesome. And then just later in the film, like do you know how they introduce like Mike's like I don't want to say his girlfriend, because it doesn't amount to anything, but they introduced her like she's going to be important, like like she's like she's a character that matters, and but she's just not. And like none of these side characters mean anything. And isn't it weird how Mike gets knocked out and then they sent him, they sent him on one boat and you're like there goes the drama, but then you have the younger son who's still there. I don't know. Um, what would I rewatch it? I don't want to watch this anytime soon. Um, I want to watch Joe's three D though. And just for diversity, sick, I'll give it. I'll give it like a five, five point five or six. But yeah, I was thinking a five point five as well. I was coming, I was coming in wind to give it a five, but for conversation, sick. But yeah, there's a shark again. I feel like there's going to be more sharks headed are swimming our way, some in warm waters. Part, if we go to the beach or something, are you gonna like think twice about going in the ocean? Like, and you and I have gone to the beach together twice and both times I've never really gone in the water. So just putting that out there, maybe because you knew that we were we would be covering jaws summer, and we'd be. And if any of sharks, like in the Atlantic Ocean are listening to this Pod, I think that they'd be pissed. Like we're talking all sorts of smack about the robot counterparts, and you know they can smell fear. Part, I think it's done.

We end this episode. I'm getting too scared. Yeah, part, can you just tell the people at home what my name is in the call? His name is left Shark. Yeah, first I was just gonna be jaws in parentheses, the shark, and then I was like baby shark now, and then I thought left shark from the Super Bowl. Yeah, all right. Well, that was just too come back next week for jaws in three dimensions. Yes, Jaws Three D um, like just while we're here, though, what a cool fucking name. Jaws Three D I mean it worked out nice. It worked out nicely that it was their third installment and three D had been invented. Yeah, I guess so. And it's funny that they entirely abandoned their naming structure. or by the fourth one. Well, a lot of Um movies do that, although they usually do that with their third one a lot of the times. Um, I guess by that point because they want to continue the franchise and they don't want to get to like there's no mission of possible seven, you know. Yeah, I was gonna book dead reckoning. Yeah, I was gonna say once you get to a certain like, I mean, I guess fast and furious breaks every rule, but I was gonna say less true. If you went to see a movie and it was like the ninth one, you'd be like, Jeez, I don't know, it would just make you think about and then there's fast and furious nine, which is titled F Nine. So I mean we can't even get into the the naming rules of the fast and furious franchise. No, well, you can listen to us on Apple podcasts, spotify, stitcher, any podcasting platform you choose. Um, leave us a good review and rating on Apple podcasts. It was a good rating on SP modify and those previously named platforms. Follow us on instagram twitter. Those are the two social media platforms, and join US next week for Jaws Three d any closing remarks to it? No, let's go Um, oh wait, let's go get this interview in like fourty let's go sit quietly for ten minutes so then we can then rejoin this call in fifteen minutes and then interview someone in thirty minutes. But if it comes to fruition, harm month between this and my dead grandparents coming back to life to talk about the Blair to talk about the Blair witch project. We have an exciting Halloween coming up. Oh and post Halloween, we haven't even Oh, we haven't even mentioned what's coming part. It's like they have no idea. We have all the power of I'm just putting that out there. Wait to the danger, Tom Chris. It's it's not. It's not top gun. We already did top gun and we're not covering the first top gun. Sorry, guys, all right, we've had enough. Go home. It's over. There's a shock in these waters again. I don't know what you're talking about. You hate listen to her podcast. We what and you made a swear on our lives not to tell anyone Jordan. Is that true? I like your podcast, Alice. What is your podcast? Of whom? Hanging out with your smartest and funniest friend? Did you just grown? No, when I said hanging out with your smartest and funniest friend like that, like that, did it again, like any first of all, a podcast takes a lot of work. Okay, you have to organize the guests, you have to do a Google calendar and then you build a following. It takes a lot time and I've been working on it for a while.

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